Dafna Gilad

Dafna Gilad is a PhD candidate at NTNU – Department of Energy and Process Engineering and the Industrial Ecology Programme. Her PhD is a part of the CONSENSE project, which aims to assess the overall impacts of Norwegian power generation and distribution on biodiversity through a life cycle perspective.

The project is funded by the Research Council of Norway (NRC). It is a collaboration between NTNU and the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research, NINA. Gilad’s main supervisor is Francesca Verones at NTNU, and her co-supervisor is Roel May at NINA.

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Written by Dafna Gilad

boardgame with representations of nature, wind power and power grid. photo

Drawing the line: the perils of power lines on bird richness

What are the Norwegian energy system’s impacts on our local biodiversity? Our research project aims to find out, and to present our research, we created a board game.