Kana Banno

Kana Banno is a PhD candidate at the Department of Biological Sciences Ålesund. She is a member of the research group InnoSEA – Innovations for Sustainable sEabased Aquaculture.

A portrait photo of a woman

Written by Kana Banno

A photo collage of the ocean and a woman working on retrieving a velocimeter

Using technologies to “see” salmon behaviour and their living environment at commercial sea cages

Hi. My name is Kana. In summer 2020, I started my PhD at the Department of Biological Sciences Ålesund (IBA). Here I am working on projects to study the interaction between salmon group behaviour and various environmental factors at coastal sea cages. This is a part of the InnoSEA project at IBA. In my projects, salmon behaviour refers to their swimming patterns, schooling, jumping, avoidance of certain depths or areas inside sea cages, and so on.