Kate Crosman

Kate Crosman is a social scientist with expertise in the complex governance of oceans and coasts doing a post doc at the Department of Marine Technology at NTNU and NTNU AMOS. She’s spending 3 years in Norway as an André Hoffmann Fellow in Big Ocean Data, studying trustworthiness and trust in big data for ocean decision-making. In this blog, Kate is writing about cognitive biases associated with processing information, and how they might influence the fishery for Calanus finmarchicus – a tiny plankton species that became a starting point for her research.

A portrait photograph of a woman

Written by Kate Crosman

Photography of a very small animal.

Information, uncertainty, and cognitive biases: we’re all irrational in predictable ways

Even while I was preparing for the field expedition to Svalbard, post-polar adventure and crashing back down to earth, other work carried on. In fact, while learning more about trust in big data for ocean decision-making, specifically the case of Calanus finmarchicus, I’ve talked to some interesting folks.