Marcel Ahrens

Marcel Ahrens is a PhD Candidate at NTNU – Department of Energy and Process Engineering (EPT). His PhD is funded by NTNU Energy, and he is affiliated with the research centre FME HighEFF and the test facility and infrastructure are funded by both the HighEFF Lab and NTNU EPT. For his research, he collaborates with a variety of partners from HighEFF (SINTEF, SJTU, Mayekawa, Alfa Laval) and external research institutions such as the Danish Technological Institute (DTI) and Leibniz University of Hannover.

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Written by Marcel Ahrens

A picture of a man next to a heat pump.

Making heat pumps hotter to reduce CO2 emissions

Food processing, battery production and other industriall processes all demand heating and cooling at the same time. Improving high temperature heat pumps will reduce both energy use and CO2 emissions for these and other industrial processes, and the objective of my PhD is to develop a prototype of such a “hot” heat pump.