Marthe Alnes Høiberg

Marthe Alnes Høiberg is PhD Candidate at NTNU – Department of Energy and Process Engineering and NTNU – Industrial Ecology Programme

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Written by Marthe Alnes Høiberg

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Aloha from Hawai’i: Turtles and fishing line entanglements

During the fall semester I got the opportunity to do a research stay with the Center for Marine Debris Research (CMDR) on Oahu, Hawai’i. One of the aims was to get to know the plastic debris researchers and their work, and collaborate on a project involving plastic debris entanglements of wildlife by gathering data from local organizations.

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Plastic waste in the ocean: making impact models

Human activities affect the ecosystems of the ocean through different types of pollution such as plastic. However, we lack models to understand the impacts of plastic pollution and how they can be reduced. In my project, I make models for the impact of marine animals getting entangled in plastic debris.