Sofie Sødal Eiksund

Sofie Sødal Eiksund is PhD Candidate at NTNU – Department of Energy and Process Engineering, since 2021. Her main supervisor is Francesco Cherubini, and co-supervisors are Øyvind Skreiberg at SINTEF Energy, and Marcos Djun Barbosa Watanabe at NTNU. Her PhD is a part of the project SusWoodStoves. This is a project on sustainable woodstoves, where the partners include NTNU, SINTEF and woodstove industry: Jøtul AS, Nordpeis AS, Norsk Kleber AS and Norsk Varme. SusWoodStoves will also have an interface with FME ZEN and FME Bio4Fuels.

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Written by Sofie Sødal Eiksund

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From cozy woodstove to sustainable and healthy woodstove technology

Hopefully my PhD project will contribute to a sustainable woodstove future, where the impact on climate is mitigated and the air quality will be improved, which will improve people’s health and quality of life.