Sophie Kendler

Sophie Kendler is a PhD candidate at the Department of Biotechnology and Food Science specializing in optimized utilization of marine food resources.

A portrait photo of a woman.

Written by Sophie Kendler

A photo collage with a portrait photo of a woman, and a woman working with fish in a lab.

European plaice: a new food source in Norway?

Many of you might think why European plaice (Rødspette) should be regarded as a new food source since this fish is quite common in Norway and not mysterious as other unexplored species. In fact, plaice inhabits most areas along the Norwegian coastline, reaching from the Skagerrak in the South up to the Barents Sea in the North, but until now, the commercial utilization and consumption of this fish is very low. So why explore new species, when we have one right outside of “our house” which we could utilize more? Sometimes you don’t have to look that far to find a healthy and delicious new food option. European plaice is a lean fish with highly digestible proteins and satisfying omega 3 compositions.