The strike at NTNU is called off – this happens now

The strike among the Unio-organized at NTNU has ended after the minister intervened with compulsory arbitration.

To personer med gule vester står med ryggen mot kamera. På vestene står det "UNIO Streikevakt".
Foto: Sondre Olav Sivertsen/NTNU

Denne artikkelen er også tilgjengelig på Norsk.

In total, just under 500 employees at NTNU have been phased out in the strike since it started on Friday 24 May. On Wednesday 5 June, Minister of Labor and Social Inclusion, Tonje Brenna announced that the conflict is going to compulsory arbitration.

This means that the strike is over and that employees can return to their work.

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NTNU is now working to get back to normal after the strike ended on Wednesday morning. For the remainder of the exam period, which lasts until this week, it appears that written exams will proceed as normal.

The situation for oral and practical exams is currently a little more uncertain. Whether NTNU manages to carry out all these as planned is linked to how quickly the strikers return to work and to normal operations again. Efforts are now being made to ensure that the students are not harmed.

The greatest uncertainty on Wednesday is linked to the two faculties that had the most employees out on strike – the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (MH), where 177 employees were on strike and, in addition, the Faculty of Social and Educational Sciences (SU) with 131 on strike. Measures are now taken at these two faculties, and at the rest of NTNU, to return to normal operations as soon as possible. NTNU will probably need Wednesday to get an overview of whether any oral and practical exams nevertheless will have to be postponed.

The faculties and institutes will inform their students directly about the situation. It is still encouraged that students must prepare for the exam as usual, unless they are told otherwise.