What does the strike mean for NTNU students?

Most exams will continue as planned until further notice. We will try to provide som answers to important questions students may have about the strike.

To personer med gule vester stÄr med ryggen mot kamera. PÄ vestene stÄr det "UNIO Streikevakt".
Foto: Sondre Olav Sivertsen/NTNU

Denne artikkelen er ogsÄ tilgjengelig pÄ Norsk.

A number of NTNU employees, both academic and administrative, are on strike. Unfortunately, this will affect some students.

This may mean cancelled classes, cancelled/postponed exams. Students must expect longer case processing and response times at all levels while the strike is underway.

We know that students have a number of more specific questions about the consequences of the strike and have therefore collected answers to essential questions in the hope that you will get the information you need going forward.  If students have more unanswered questions, they can contact their student advisers.

This page will be kept up to date.

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Questions and answers

If the exam is cancelled/postponed, will I be notified? 

Yes, an email will be sent to all affected students if an exam is cancelled/postponed. Generally, an email will be sent 1 day before the exam.

What is the difference between a cancelled and postponed exam? 

In the event of a cancelled exam, you will not be able to take the exam until the next ordinary exam is scheduled. If the exam is cancelled, you should refer to the information you receive from your faculty/department. If your exam is postponed, your department will inform you about a new date for your exam.

I still have some exams remaining, might these be cancelled/postponed due to the strike?

Written school exams that are supervised in Trondheim, Ålesund and Gjþvik will continue as planned until further notice. There is a possibility that both written and oral exams will be cancelled/postponed. If this happens, you will be notified by your faculty/department.

How will the strike affect submission deadlines for home exams? 

Normally, submission deadlines will not be affected, but sensors’ work may be delayed.

I have discovered an error in one of the tasks in the exam, but my subject teacher was on strike. Does this have an impact on the conduct of the exam or the assessment?

The exam will be carried out even if the subject teacher is on strike and is not available on the day of the exam. If errors are discovered in one of the tasks in the exam, the exam will continue as normal. Any appeals related to formal errors will be addressed afterwards.

If you are successful in your appeal regarding a formal error in the exam, this may result in you having to take the exam again. See point 3 on the website “Explanation of grades and appeals.”

I am going to apply for a job/have got a job that requires authorization. How will a delayed diploma affect me? 

You usually need a diploma to be authorized. Contact your study supervisor or your relevant authorization office.

How will the strike affect the examination results?

If the individuals who will assess exams at your faculty or institute have gone on strike, the examination results may be postponed. The duration of the strike will affect the deadline for examination results. This applies to both academic assessments and administrative tasks, as they each have their own roles in the examination process. Information will be sent out/posted as soon as possible once the strike has ended.

I have been told that the exam I was supposed to take has been cancelled/postponed. When will I know the new date for the exam? 

Assuming the strike is over, you will be notified as soon as possible if a new date for the exam is set up if the exam date has been shifted. If you do not receive an email about the postponed/cancelled exam, you should attend as usual.

What happens if I cannot take the exam on the new date set after the strike? 

If a new date is set for the exam, and you cannot come on the new date, your next opportunity will most likely be the next ordinary exam. The faculty/department responsible for your subject will provide more information if this is relevant. Information about postponed exams can be found here.

Can NTNU cancel more exams to avoid students being affected by the strike?

NTNU must always comply with the government regulations regarding strikes. NTNU cannot change exam schedules to carry out as many exams as possible during a strike. The university will continue with the exams that have been scheduled and if key people are taken out on strike and it is not professionally or practically acceptable to hold the exam, the exam will be postponed.

I am a bachelor’s student and will apply for a two-year master’s, but I will not be able to complete my bachelor’s degree due to a cancelled exam. What should I do? 

If the strike is prolonged and extensive, the rector’s office will consider the possibility of conditional admissions. Conditional admission is an issue that must be prepared for the NTNU board, after which there will be a rector’s decision as to whether this can be allowed on a temporary basis, as the university does not currently have regulations that allow this today. This means that we cannot say anything concrete about this at this time.

If you are applying for admission to other universities of institutes of higher education, you must contact them.

Questions about the course of study

How will the strike affect the possibility of completing my course of studies on time? 

If your exam is affected by the strike, you will receive an email as soon as possible after the strike is over about the next opportunity to take the exam.

Will the strike have any consequences for my diploma/degree certificate? 

If employees at your faculty/institute have been taken out on strike, this may lead to delays in the issue of diplomas/degree certificates. You will receive an email with information if you are affected by the strike.

How does the strike affect internships and supervised teaching?

Your faculty/department will send you an email as soon as possible if your internship period and/or practice teaching is affected by the strike. If you are unsure, contact your study advisor.

What happens if a postponed exam has not been set up in August? 

Your faculty/department will contact you about what will happen next.

Questions about finances and scholarships

Will my grant from the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund (LĂ„nekassen) be affected by the strike? 

Contact LĂ„nekassen directly if you have any questions: You can find the details here.

Will I receive compensation if I am no longer eligible for my summer job due to missing an exam? 

In order for the university to become liable for compensation for future loss of income, a basis for liability is required. A strike is a legal means of action between the parties in a labour dispute and will not be grounds for compensation.

Will NTNU be able to pay stipends for exchange stays during the strike?

NTNU-administered exchange stipends such as Erasmus stipends and NTNU stipends will be delayed because of the strike. NTNU and Erasmus stipends are grants that are supposed to supplement other funding schemes, such as LĂ„nekassen, and therefore are not the main source of funding for exchange stays.

Questions concerning international students

How does the strike affect international students? 

Most examinations will proceed as normal. The same information regarding postponed/cancelled exams also applies to international students.

If your exam is cancelled/postponed, you can either contact the department responsible for the subject in question or the Unit for International Relations for more information.