What does the strike mean for NTNU employees?

We will try to provide som answers to important questions employees may have about the strike.

En person står med ryggen til kamera. Hun har på en gul vest der det står "Streikevakt Unio"
Foto: Sondre Olav Sivertsen/NTNU

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Unio and Akademikerne have not reached an agreement with the state in the wage negotiations. Therefore, some of their members are on strike.

Unfortunately, this will affect students and employees.

We know that employees have a number of more specific questions about the consequences of the strike and have therefore collected answers to essential questions in the hope that you will get the information you need going forward.

If you are not on strike, and you have more questions, you can talk to your immediate manager.

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Who is on strike at NTNU?  

From Monday 3 June, approximately 500 employees at NTNU are on strike. These employees belong to Unio, work at various faculties and departments, and have different tasks. 

I am not on strike yet – can I still be?  

If you belong to the main association Unio, you can be taken on strike if there is a new escalation. For Akademikerne, compulsory arbitration was imposed, and YS and LO have tentatively reached an agreement with the state.

If I go on strike, who will give me the information I need?  

From the moment you are on strike, you should relate to information from your union. 

Can I still use NTNU’s equipment and premises even though I am on strike?  

You can keep your phone and PC. However, it is assumed that you do not use the equipment to perform work for the employer during the strike. You cannot be present on NTNU’s premises in principle, but it has been agreed that strike guards can use the toilets in our buildings.

Do I get other tasks because of the strike?  

You should do your usual work, as stated in your contract, and as expected of your position.

Do I have to work overtime during the strike to keep the business going?  

If you are not on strike, your duty to work is neither restricted nor extended. However, you may have to work in a slightly different way, and if this means that you must work overtime, you must clarify this with your manager.

I have a striking colleague. Can I do my colleague’s tasks?  

You can’t. This is considered strike breaking. 

Can my manager ask me to take over some of the responsibility if he/she is on strike?  

No, your manager cannot do that. You can neither do the tasks of a manager who is on strike nor make decisions on behalf of this. However, your immediate manager can take over your tasks if you are on strike when this is necessary.

I am on strike, what is happening to my salary?  

Payment of salary and holiday pay in June goes as normal, but deductions are made afterwards. Your union will cover the loss of wages during the strike.

Should I register absence in Selvbetjeningsportalen/DFØ app when I am on strike?  

No, you should not enter these systems while the strike is ongoing. The absence registration is done by Tjenestesenteret when the strike is over.

I had planned holiday or time off before I was taken on strike. Can I still do this?  

If you registered your holiday in Selvbetjeningsportalen and it was approved by your manager before the name lists for the strike were published, you can take the holiday as planned. You cannot agree on a new vacation while you are on strike. You cannot take time off during the strike, even if you had agreed to this in advance.

What happens if I get sick while I am on strike?  

If you were 100 percent sick when the strike started, you cannot be taken on strike. You can be taken on strike if you are on partially sick leave. If you get sick while the strike is ongoing, you are not entitled to sick pay. You must inform your union about the illness, and they will take care of the financial.

Can I go on a business trip when I am not on strike?  

As described above, you should work as normal if you are not on strike. This means that you can go on a business trip as planned. If you are notified while you are traveling that you are being taken on strike, you can complete the trip and then go on strike when you are back.

Do the operations at NTNU go as normal even though there is a strike?  

It is difficult to maintain completely normal operation when parts of the workforce are on strike. NTNU continuously works to find out what kind of consequences the strike has for the operation and informs students and employees about this.

Can students complete their exam?  

The goal is for the written exam to be conducted as normal, but the strike can have consequences for the oral exam and local tests. Questions and answers that apply to students can be found here. 

Can gatherings and events be carried out as normal?  

NTNU wants the working days to go as normally as possible. Gatherings and events can be carried out as planned, if none of the planning or implementation is taken over from others who are on strike. If there are many in your unit who are on strike, the manager must consider whether it is appropriate to carry out.

We are a bunch from work who are having a summer ending in the evening in private. Can our colleague who is on strike participate?  

Strikers cannot participate in events organized by their employer. If this is a private event, your striking colleague can participate.

I am an apprentice. Can I be taken on strike?  

In principle, apprentices should not be covered by the strike unless they are specifically mentioned, and the training should take place as normal. However, if it is still not possible to conduct training, you can be laid off with at least seven days’ notice.

I do important work – can NTNU apply for me to be exempted from the strike?  

There are strict requirements to be exempted from the strike. In case of danger to life and health, or in case of material damage, NTNU can still apply for an exemption for you. It is the unions that grant exemptions.

We have a case that must be dealt with in LOSAM as soon as possible. Can this happen even though there is a strike?  

It cannot. If there is a strike, all co-determination is put on hold. This applies, for example, to SESAM, LOSAM, and GSAM/ÅSAM.

Will the next board meeting proceed as planned despite the strike?

It should. The board can still make decisions as long as more than half of the board members are present and cast their vote. The board’s responsibilities are regulated by the UH Act, and this does not change even if cooperation meetings with union representatives are put on hold.

Can NTNU employ new employees during the strike?  

NTNU cannot start new advertisements, as union representatives must be informed about these. Ongoing processes can continue as usual, if it is considered safe even if some in the recruitment group are on strike.

I am on strike at NTNU. Can I perform censorship tasks for other universities and colleges?  

If you are not on strike at the other institution, you can do censorship for them. NTNU can in the same way use external sensors that are not on strike with us, even if they are on strike in their other position.