NTNU’s new master’s ring is finally available to order

NTNU alumni with a master’s degree can now order an NTNU master’s ring.

Portrett av Ragne Stauri, som holder en hånd med ringen på opp mot kinnet
Ringens designer, Ragne Stauri, som har på seg den nye masterringen. Foto: Privat

Denne artikkelen er også tilgjengelig på Norsk bokmål.

“We are happy that the ring can finally be launched. The designer and retailer worked quite well together. Now it will be exciting to see how much interest there is. I think many people think it’s nice to have a ring as a symbol of their connection to their time at NTNU,” said Sigrun Berge Engen, Director of NTNU’s Communication Division.

In 2019, NTNU announced a design competition for a new master’s ring. The jury chose the concept entitled “Ringvirkninger” by designer Ragne Stauri, from more than 100 entries.

Gold ball hitting water

Picture of the ring with a white background
Photo: Gullsmed Møller

“The motif is a gold ball striking the water, with waves spreading outwards into the water from the ball. The gold ball symbolizes education and the ripple effects an education has in life. A master’s degree is not just five years of immersion in a subject; it is also a formative period in life where you gain new perspectives and experiences, meet new friends and acquaintances and perhaps find a life partner. The ring design should symbolize all of this,” explained Stauri, who is trained as a medical doctor at NTNU, and is now pursuing her PhD.

Gullsmed Møller in Trondheim has been chosen as the producer and seller.


Stauri says that the ring was created while she was a sixth-year medical student.

“I saw the competition notice and thought for a few days about how I could create a design that met all the requirements in the competition notice. I got the idea one day when I was on my way home from a lecture and it was raining. I saw the drops in the puddles on the asphalt and thought, there’s my idea!”

The ring was chosen based on the following criteria:

  • Concept
  • Design/shape
  • Material selection
  • Achievement of objective
  • Embrace all master’s degree studies
  • Suitable for all genders
  • Produced within the retail price of NOK 6,000
  • Enter together with the other two NTNU rings

NTNU already has an engineering ring and doctoral ring.

The master’s degree ring is now offered to everyone who has taken a master’s degree at NTNU, or one of the institutions that have merged with NTNU.

You can read additional information about NTNU’s rings here.

The ring can be ordered in Gullsmed Møller’s online store.


Designer: Ragne Stauri 

Jury leader: Carl Fredrik Lutken Shetelig

Head of NTNU’s Communication Division: Sigrun Berge Engen