Innovation Competition Master Winners First place: Olav Ødegård and Jorn Visser. Photo: Lars Bugge Aarset/NTNU Jorn Visser Photo: lars Bugge Aarset/NTNU

Celebrating Excellence in Innovation: Faculty of Engineering’s Innovation Awards Ceremony

In the world of academia and technology, innovation stands as the driving force that propels us forward into the future. It is the foundation upon which progress is built, and at the Faculty of Engineering, we are nurturing and celebrating the innovative spirit of our students and researchers.

Four people in a sofa looking at a stage. Smiling and laughing

Welcome to the Hyfer 2023 festival of science

With this year’s Hyfer science festival, NTNU and partners offer a variety of exciting experiences over two festival days – Friday 22 and Saturday 23 September. Almost all events are free to the public.

researcher in front of building. photo

Buildings: do not break or make, but repurpose

I am exploring how buildings adapt to demographic changes, with the aim to develop scenarios to project future needs for building.

A smiling woman working in a laboratory. Photo

‘I enjoy the connection between art and science’: Q&A with Nadia Shardt

Nadia Shardt is an associate professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at NTNU. Here she talks to science writer Kelly Oakes about why she came to NTNU, what scientific questions she’s looking forward to answering, and how visiting art galleries helps her research.

Rector Anne Borg on stage during the ceremony

«Welcome to NTNU and a new academic year of study!»

Read Rector Anne Borgs speech from the 2023 matriculation.

researcher points at metal turbine. photo

Water turbines must live longer

Jim Abregu believes that we are working in the right direction to support a better world with green energy by increasing turbine lifetimes.

people watching black solar panels. photo

Aiming for more environmentally friendly buildings and neighborhoods

Collaboration between Chinese and Norwegian researchers has yielded valuable insights, including the utilization of ground source heat pumps in Scandinavia and beyond.

Olympiad of engineering

Two NTNU Teams Secure Medals at Olympiad in Engineering Science

Scientists and engineers from around the globe convened in Olympia, Greece, to participate in the first Engineering Olympiad, where two teams representing NTNU were honored with Olympic Medals.

Portrait of Jennifer Infanti and Kam Sripada

«Tuition fees will impoverish learning environments for Norwegian students, too»

This proposal is a missed opportunity for Norway to uphold its unique tradition of promoting education as a valuable investment for everyone, irrespective of their country of origin, writes Jennifer Infanti and Kam Sripada.