Welcome to the Hyfer 2023 festival of science

With this year’s Hyfer science festival, NTNU and partners offer a variety of exciting experiences over two festival days – Friday 22 and Saturday 23 September. Almost all events are free to the public.

Four people in a sofa looking at a stage. Smiling and laughing
The aim is to offer “aha!” moments and inspiring meeting places to the public, where you can learn new things while sharing experiences and ideas with other people. Photo: Terje Trobe/Hyfer

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A wide variety of researchers and PhD students from NTNU will generously share their insight and invite the audience on a voyage of discovery.

– At NTNU, we see an incredible commitment, delight and enthusiasm in sharing knowledge, and it will be fantastic to offer a window into this, says Tanja Holmen, the festival director.

Here, you can take part in workshops, lectures, debates, podcasts, quizzes, concerts – and tours of places you’ve probably never been before.

– Several hundred NTNU employees and students are taking part, and we are thrilled that we have many PhD students with us this year. We have over 35 major events and lots of side events that we look forward to sharing with the public, says Tanja Holmen.

Energy for free

The main theme is energy – everything from human energy and creativity to debate about which energy sources we should focus on – while the festival takes us on a journey through many other topics.

“The Hyfer festival of knowledge is a wonderful opportunity for people with a curious mind who want to learn something new. As humans, we grow and thrive best when we interact with each other. I think that offering most events free of charge is a great gift to the knowledge city of Trondheim,” says Rector Anne Borg.

Most events are free, but for some of them you need to register to secure your place.

Some events take place on both Friday and Saturday, while others take place on only one of the days.

Programme on Friday

Programme on Saturday

Main arena – Kalvskinnet

The Hyfer science festival takes place at several venues in Trondheim. The main arena is Campus Kalvskinnet, right next to Leüthenhaven and the University Museum.

At the Kalvskinnet main arena, the voyage of discovery starts from 11 am on Friday: You can put on VR glasses and watch how climate change might transform the landscape in the future. (Event in English and Norwegian.)

Rector Anne Borg will officially open the festival at 12:30, followed by a panel discussion about NTNU’s ten years of strategic research in thematic areas.

Then a non-stop line-up of events will keep you spellbound all afternoon and evening.

Rector Anne Borg on stage in front of an audience during the opening of Hyfer 2022.
Rector Anne Borg on stage during the opening of Hyfer 2022. Photo: Terje Trobe/Hyfer

The Secret Library

Close by, in the Gunnerus Library, there are also many interesting things going on.

During the festival, a tiny window into a time capsule will open: Knudzonsalen – the Secret Library. This is a rare jewel in the history of Norway and Trondheim, usually closed to the public.

Bring your children to the Research Square (Forskningstorget)

This year’s programme for the Research Square (Forskningstorget) is wide-ranging, with energy at its core. Air, fire, earth and water – all sources of energy are represented.

Experience the Science Show with Nikolai from the Trondheim Science Centre (Vitensenteret) with ice-cold experiments about energy. 70 researchers and employees from NTNU, the Geological Survey of Norway (NGU), the Science Centre in Trondheim, the Norwegian Centre for Organic Agriculture and the University Museum welcome you to the Research Square at Kalvskinnet.

A woman is holding a crab over a pool. Another woman and a whild are watching.
Photo: Terje Trobe/Hyfer

The Power of Sleep and Virtual Reality

Other venues that will be packed with adventure are DIGS, Dokkhuset, Kunsthall Trondheim, Sluppen, Livid Jeans, Stammen café, Suhmhuset and Gløshaugen.

Some of the experiences that await you are:

Brain talk: The power of sleep, researchers will showcase the latest developments in the VR world, you can deep dive inito the taste of nature and art of mathematics.

See the whole programme here.