Communicator of the year: Inga Strümke!

Our own Inga Strümke is awarded the Research Council’s Award for Excellence in Communication of Science 2023 for her work in communicating about artificial intelligence. This is the first time a researcher from NTNU has received this prestigious award.

Inga Strümke står på en scene og snakker og gestikulerer
Foto: Kai T. Dragland/NTNU

Denne artikkelen er også tilgjengelig på Norsk.

– Many congratulations to Inga Strümke on receiving the communication award. We need fearless researchers who share their knowledge in all fields. Strümke has truly impressed by enlightening and highlighting the societal debate in such a crucial field as artificial intelligence, says Minister of Research and Higher Education Sandra Borch.

A new record in the number of nominees

This year, 41 researchers were nominated for the award, which is a new record.

In their justification, the jury writes, among other things:

‘The winner of the 2023 communication award is a highly active communicator who reaches out to many about a complex research field with consequences for the entire society. In her communication, she is concerned with both the academic development of the field of artificial intelligence and how artificial intelligence impacts society. She participates in the societal debate on artificial intelligence with great commitment and communication skills combined with high academic knowledge.’

Both Rector Anne Borg and Dean Ingrid Schjølberg are proud and happy on behalf of the award winner.

– This is the first time someone from NTNU has received this award, so it was really about time. When Inga now receives this award, there is no doubt that it was the right choice. It is an honor to be a facilitator and part of her support system, says Dean Schjølberg.

– Inga is a fantastic role model and an important voice in the public debate. Through her dedication, she contributes to highlighting a significant and important issue. She is a skilled communicator who connects with people on a personal level, who listens, and is listened to, says Rector Borg

Received the award on the opposite side of the world

Inga herself was on the opposite side of the world when the award was presented in Oslo on Friday. In Inga’s absence, the Head of the Department of Computer Science, Heri Ramampiaro, accepted the award on behalf of Inga.

–Inga is an outstanding communicator. It is a gift to be part of facilitating her outreach to so many arenas and various channels. It is also a great joy to see the impact of her communication work in society and, not least, the effect she has on our students. We are immensely proud today, says Ramampiaro.

Inga expresses gratitude to the academic community and support system

Inga Strümke had recorded an acceptance speech in which she thanked both the academic community and the support system around her that have made it possible for her to dedicate so much time and resources to communication.

In her speech, she says, among other things:

– Personally, I believe that making research accessible is as important as the research itself. It is incredibly rewarding to feel that one is part of a journey that actually shapes society. At the same time, everyone who knows me knows that I am concerned about what my field of study, artificial intelligence, will do to society in a negative direction, says Strümke.

–The communication award gives me greater weight to continue the work of discussing the various aspects of artificial intelligence. I have learned—now also with an incredibly nice confirmation from the Research Council—that communication works, concludes Strümke.