The extreme weather “Ingunn” will have consequences in Ålesund and Trondheim

The predicted extreme weather “Ingunn” will have consequences for students and employees in Trondheim and Ålesund. Classes in Ålesund will be closed on Wednesday. NTNU requests that everyone at the affected campuses exercise extra caution and follow the advice given.

Portrett av Bjørn Haugstad. Han står utenfor Hovedbygningen på Gløshaugen i Trondheim
Direktør for organisasjon og infrastruktur, Bjørn Haugstad, NTNU. Direktør for organisasjon og infrastruktur har overordnet ansvar for økonomi og virksomhetsstyring, fysisk og digital infrastruktur og organisasjonsutvikling ved NTNU. Han har i tillegg ansvar for HR og HMS, arbeidsmiljø og beredskap.

Denne artikkelen er også tilgjengelig på Norsk.

On Tuesday evening, it was decided that classes in Ålesund would be cancelled today. A decission to close both the Ålesund and Trondheim campuses can be issued at short notice.

“The safety of our students and employees is paramount, and the weather forecast that has been issued means that we are monitoring the situation extra closely,” says Bjørn Haugstad, Director of Organization and Infrastructure at NTNU.

He urges both students and employees to work from home on Wednesday.

The weather

NTNU’s emergency management will decide on Wednesday morning whether it is necessary to cancel classes at the Trondheim campus. This depends on the weather situation and the advice given by the affected municipalities and other agencies.

Updates will be sent out on Innsida as soon as there is news of importance to students and employees.

The extreme weather “Ingunn” had not yet arrived in either Ålesund or Trondheim by eight o’clock on Wednesday.

The property management section will secure buildings at the campuses, and make sure that windows are closed, and loose objects are secured.

Ålesund and Trondheim

Ålesund municipality decided late Tuesday that all schools will be closed Wednesday. All high schools in Møre og Romsdal will have online teaching. There will be no public transportation in Ålesund on Wednesday.

“It is difficult to predict exactly how strong the wind wil be in Trondheim”, writes Trondheim municipality on its website.

AtB reports on its website that there is a high probability that both bus lines, boat routes and school transport will be cancelled in parts of Trøndelag as a result of the extreme weather.

The message from Trondheim municipality (in Norwegian)

The message from Ålesund municipality (in Norwegian)