Celebration of 217 new doctors

Friday 8 March the stage was set for another solemn celebration of these new PhDs, on the same day as International Women’s Day.

en stor gruppe mennesker står på trappene utenfor en stor murbygning.
Trondheim 08.03.2024 : NTNUs doktorpromosjon i Hovedbyggets aula på Gløshaugen. Rektor Tor Grande og prorektor for Toril Hernes taler. Nye doktorer kreeres og ny æresdoktor ved NTNU utnevnes, professor Richard Spontak. Foto: Thor Nielsen / NTNU

Denne artikkelen er også tilgjengelig på Norsk bokmål.

This Friday, 118 of the new PhDs were gathered for a ceremony in the main building at Gløshaugen in Trondheim.

– Getting a PhD is demanding work and there are no shortcuts. Dedication, curiosity and a strong inner drive is what have brought you here, said Rector Tor Grande.

– With a PhD follows responsibility. A responsibility to use your knowledge wisely and the privilege to contribute to a better society. You are ambassadors of knowledge. And knowledge is power – use your knowledge where it is needed the most.

A man is standing on stage, talking in front of an audience
Rector Tor Grande. Photo: Thor Nielsen / NTNU

Artificial intelligence

The doctors have immersed themselves in a wide range of subjects.

They have research how artificial intelligence can be used to detect damage to underwater pipelines, the living conditions for children in the Middle Ages as described in medieval texts, how microorganisms affect the health of salmon, and the relationship between trade unions and productive enterprises.

– Your PhD may mark the end of your education at NTNU. But it primarily marks the start of something new and exciting. You have a lot to look forward to, said Grande.

– Dear all, thank you very much for your efforts, and once again congratulations!

a woman is shaking hands with another woman. They are on a stage in front of an audience
Pro-Rector Toril Hernes congratulated the new doctors. Foto: Thor Nielsen / NTNU

Honorary doctorate

Professor Richard Spontak (born 1961) at North Carolina State University were awarded an honorary doctorate during the Doctoral Awards Ceremony.

Professor Spontak is already well known at NTNU and was awarded a Lars Onsager’s honorary professorship in 2012 for his work in chemical process engineering and polymer science.

His research on membranes and gas separation has been an important contribution to developing techniques for carbon capture and storage. This is a field that has also become increasingly important now that hydrogen is being singled out as a priority area in the shift to greener energy sources.

To men are posing for the camera. One is holding a diploma
Professor Richard Spontak with Rector Tor Grande. Photo: Thor Nielsen / NTNU